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Sales Opportunities for the Over 50s

We have thousands of sales opportunities for over-50s with age inclusive employers. Start your search for your ideal role below.

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Sales Jobs for the over 50s

Experience, knowledge and good communication are valuable skills for any sales role

Let’s face it, pretty much every business needs good salespeople. Whether you work part-time as a sales assistant in a retail store or full-time as the sales director overseeing your company’s product portfolio, the skills you’ve learned throughout your career can be a vital asset to an employer.

Do you have excellent communication skills and love talking to people? Then a role as a sales negotiator or advisor could be right up your street. You’ll also need to be a good listener, to ensure you provide the best product or service to meet your customer’s needs.

If you’ve got what it takes to meet those monthly targets, then in no time, you could end up as the sales manager in charge of a sales team.

At Jobs/Redefined we’re dedicated to helping you find your ideal next sales role by matching your requirements with one of our age-inclusive employers. Start your search for your next sales job below.

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