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Marketing, Communications and PR Jobs for Over 50s

Looking for your next challenge in a Marketing, Communications or PR role? Start your search with our age inclusive employers below.

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Jobs in Marketing, Communications and PR for the over 50s

Over 50? Land your next job in Marketing, Communications or PR with one of our age-inclusive employers.

From social media jobs to communications and PR positions, marketing manager and executive roles to marketing director and more, search thousands of jobs including remote, flexible or hybrid working to suit your needs.

Finding a new job or returning to work can be a daunting prospect for older workers. But there are many age-aware employers who offer a range of opportunities for the over 50s

Flexible or part-time working can suit many employee needs, from variable working hours or working from home for example. Maybe you just want to slow down a little and take a part-time role as you move into semi-retirement.

At Jobs/Redefined we’re dedicated to working with the over 50s workforce, and with employers who offer opportunities in all areas of marketing, communications and PR.

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