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Government & Public Services Jobs for Over 50s

We have thousands of opportunities for over-50s with age inclusive employers. Start your search for your ideal role below.

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Jobs in Government & Public Services for the over 50s

From central & local government to teaching, health & social care, the public service offers a huge range of opportunities

Working on the frontline of public service can be both extremely challenging and rewarding. Your local council needs Accountants, Finance Managers and other Administrators to deal with council tax and business rates, Public Health Officers, and Infrastructure Consultants to look after the environment, and Social Workers and Occupational Therapists caring for their residents.

Every central government office from the Home Office to the Treasury – even MI5 – require analysts, lawyers and communications consultants.

At Jobs/Redefined we’re dedicated to helping you find your ideal role with one of our age-inclusive employers. Start your search for your next role in government or public services below.

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