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At Ipsos we believe our clients need more than a data supplier, they need a partner who can produce accurate and relevant information and turn it into actionable truth.

This is why our passionately curious experts not only provide the most precise measurement, but shape it to provide True Understanding of Society, Markets and People.

To do this we use the best of science, technology and know-how
and apply the principles of security, simplicity, speed
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So that our clients can act faster, smarter and bolder.

Ultimately, success comes down to a simple truth:

"You act better when you are sure"

Didier Truchot,

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What is the purpose of social cohort research projects?

The aim is to better understand certain factors that impact on that cohort, or group, such as health, well-being, development, economic circumstances and the effect that any changes in those circumstances
may have on that cohort and the wider society. This in turn may bring about the identification of actions that might remove or reduce such negative effects or conversely encourage or maximise such positive
effects. In addition, the outcome of such research informs planners
and policy makers both within government and other organisations.

What is the role of the Market Research Interviewer?

Their role is to make contact with the selected individuals/households
and ascertain if they are willing to participate in the study. If they are willing, the Interviewer will arrange an appointment and carry out the interview on a tablet.

Will this involve cold calling?

Not on these projects, each individual/household will be aware of the study either because they will have received an initial letter from the organisation undertaking the study or because they have been involved in the study in previous years.

What attributes can make a “successful” Interviewer?

The attribute I consider to be most important is the ability to converse with people in a way that puts them at ease and thereby gain an accurate understanding of their position and views. In addition, the Interviewer needs to be confident, have good organisational skills and the discipline
to work on their own and complete their task. Full 3-day training is given,
followed by ongoing support. Access to a car and broadband access is

How many hours per week would an Interviewer be expected to work?

An average of 12-18 hours a week would be the norm, but the flexibility
is there as required and you can work more hours if you choose to do so.
You get paid on a project by project basis and will receive a set fee for
each interview you achieve so you can take on assignments across a
number of projects to increase your workload and pay if you have the
time available within the specific project dates.

Does this type of work involve evening and weekend work?

Yes. Some households are accessible during the day but there
will also be a requirement to conduct interviews during the evening and
weekends to ensure everyone has an equal chance of being interviewed.

What is the remuneration for work like this?

Excellent rates of pay, which will vary dependant on the particular study.

Is there much travelling involved?

Most interviews will be allocated within your local area however there
may be a requirement to undertake interviews outside that area. Mileage is paid for return journeys and for that reason and the convenience
of the Interviewer, assignments are managed to ensure minimum

Do you enjoy the work?

Yes I do. It is varied and interesting, dealing with new people every day.
It can be challenging at times, but rewarding in many ways and I am
in control of my working life. I have no problem recommending this to
ex-colleagues who may have the time and inclination to commit to a
number of hours a week.

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